Do you have a sample cover letter to submit with Form I-130?


CitizenPath has created sample cover letters to help you file Form I-130.

Use these sample cover letters as a guide. Do not submit these letters without updating them to fit your specific situation. It is not mandatory to submit a cover letter when you file a Form I-130 petition, but a cover letter can help to clarify the purpose of the petition and which documents you have included to support the petition.

Did you know minor mistakes on your I-130 petition can result in costly delays?
Prepare your I-130 online with us in just a few minutes. We guide you through the complete petition process and provide help to answer questions such as this one. Our personalized filing instructions will allow you to file your complete petition today knowing that you did everything right!

Select the Form I-130 cover letter that most closely matches your need and modify it for your use.

i-130 sample cover letter for spouse

Download the I-130 Sample Cover Letter 
for Petitioning a Spouse

i-130 sample cover letter for other relative

Download the I-130 Sample Cover Letter
for Petitioning a Relative

After you have prepared your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, you can refer to the custom filing instructions from CitizenPath for the USCIS mailing address, filing fee and additional documents to submit.

Learn What Happens After Filing Form I-130 and After I-130 is Approved, What's Next.


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