How do I answer "which USCIS office" for question 11 on Form I-765?


If you have applied for an Employment Authorization Card (work permit) in the past, you will need to provide some details about that application.

Have you ever before applied for employment authorization from USCIS? (Question 11)

If this is an initial request for an Employment Authorization Card and you have never applied for a card, select "No." But if you have ever applied for a card, select "Yes" and answer the following questions.

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Which USCIS office?

You’ll want to write the USCIS office that made a decision on your I-765 application. If you already have an Employment Authorization Card, this is easy. Look for the card# on the front of your card. In the example below, the card number is SRC0000000773. The first three letters are an abbreviation of the USCIS office that handled your application. Here is a list of the abbreviations for USCIS service centers:

  • CSC - California Service Center
  • EAC - Eastern Adjudication Center
  • IOE - USCIS ELIS (e-file)
  • LIN - Nebraska Service Center
  • MSC - Missouri Service Center
  • NBC - National Benefits Center
  • NSC - Nebraska Service Center
  • SRC - Southern Regional Center
  • TSC - Texas Service Center
  • VSC - Vermont Service Center
  • WAC - Western Adjudication Center
  • YSC - Potomac Service Center

If your previous application was not approved, refer to your Form I-797, Notice of Action. This document should reference the USCIS office that made the decision on your application. Look for the receipt #. For example, a receipt# may look like “WAC 08 015 40026.” Again, use the first three letter to identify the location.


This is the date that your employment authorization began. You’ll want to use the date next to the “Valid From” label on your card. In the example below, the date is 01/01/80. If your previous application was not approved, use the date on the Form I-797, Notice of Action, that you received.

Results (granted or denied)?

If you received an Employment Authorization Card, your application was clearly granted. If you did not receive a card for any reason, your application was denied, and you should have received Form I-797, Notice of Action, informing you of the decision.


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