What documents do I need to send with my N-400 application?


Depending on the basis of your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and the answers to several questions on the application, the list of required documents that you must send to USCIS will vary.

At the time of filing N-400, most applicants will only be required to submit the following items with the application: 

  • USCIS fees
  • Photocopy of green card (copy of each side)

Details can be found on USCIS instructions for N-400. Or you can make it easy with CitizenPath. CitizenPath makes it easy to understand. When you prepare Form N-400 on CitizenPath, we will provide you with simple filing instructions that are customized for you.  It’s free to try CitizenPath! Just go to CitizenPath.com/N-400.

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 Source: USCIS

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