What are the benefits of DACA?


In addition to feeling marginalized, undocumented immigrants compete in life with some great disadvantages. Although DACA does not provide a path to citizenship or even legal status, it does give individuals that qualify some valuable resources. Individuals with a DACA grant receive:

  • Proof of deferred action which grants the beneficiary the right to stay in the U.S. temporarily (renewable three-year period) without the fear of removal/deportation.
  • The right to work in the United States in the form of an Employment Authorization Document, better known as a work permit, for a renewable three-year period.
  • The ability to apply for a social security number. This is not a part of the USCIS application but may be applied for after being granted DACA.
  • The ability to obtain a driver's license identification (depending on the state).

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