Why is my form blank?


First, download the PDF/XFDF file as described How do I download my form and/or filing instructions. Some forms (such as I-90) utilize advanced features. If the proper permissions are not granted, your form may be blank. If your form is blank, please review the following instructions:

1. When the PDF/XFDF file is initially launched in Adobe Reader, you may be prompted with a warning like this.

Click "Yes" to give Adobe Reader permission to open your form. When the file opens inside Adobe Reader, it may be blank. Mozilla Firefox users may see a yellow warning bar across the top of the document like this.


However, sometimes the yellow bar does not appear. You may only find the yellow caution icon in the top/left like this.

In this case, click the yellow icon so that it expands to give you the complete yellow bar.

Your data is stored on secured servers. Adobe Acrobat is not able to use your data until you authorize it. Click the "Options" button on the right and trust by "Add Host to Privileged Locations." 

Your PDF should now open with all of your unique information. You can save this file as a PDF on your own computer.

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