How much does it cost to file forms?


Filing Fees for Forms

USCIS has filing fees for most applications and petitions. Regardless of your decision to use an attorney, CitizenPath, or file by yourself, these USCIS fees do not change. The fee for each USCIS form is different, and in some cases can vary based on your reason for filing.


Fees to Complete Forms

You can always download free PDF forms from the USCIS website and complete them by yourself. You can also pay an experienced lawyer to complete and file the forms for you. Of course, a lawyer will be significantly more expensive.

Most people desire something in the middle. They don't need the expertise of a lawyer to fill out a form, but they also want a safety net to avoid the common mistakes made when filing by themselves. CitizenPath provides that solution, and we charge a very reasonable fee based on the form. The advantages of using CitizenPath include:

  • Simple web-based software to assist you
  • Secure backup - save your work as you go
  • Friendly, live customer service
  • Personalized filing instructions
  • Instant feedback helps you avoid mistakes
  • Referrals to attorneys and reputable resources when necessary

And it's free to try!



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