Is CitizenPath better than an attorney?


CitizenPath is a simple, cost-effective way to prepare USCIS forms for anybody with a straight-forward immigration situation. For simple immigration cases, you can expect CitizenPath to be significantly quicker and less expensive than an attorney.

However, immigration attorneys provide a valuable service for anyone that may have a more complicated situation. If you have been arrested (even a DUI), have a blemished immigration record (like an overstayed visa or deportation), or believe that you have other circumstances that make your situation difficult, CitizenPath suggests that you speak to an attorney first.

Sometimes a simple consultation with an attorney can resolve your concerns, and you can come back to CitizenPath. If you need help finding an attorney, start here.

When using CitizenPath, our software will provide you warnings if you answer a question in a way that triggers concern. In these cases, we will advise you to speak to an attorney and will will not charge you.

We want your immigration case to be successful. That's why we let you try our service for free to determine if it is a good fit for you.



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