How does CitizenPath work?


CitizenPath takes complicated USCIS immigration applications and petitions, and we make them easy to understand.

Follow Simple Instructions

CitizenPath guides you through USCIS applications and forms using simple, everyday language. Drop down lists ensure you choose from a choice of valid answers. When you answer a question that could be problematic, we give warning messages. If we detect that your situation is more complex than the average case, we would rather refer you to an attorney that can help you better.

Finish and File USCIS Forms Quickly

Upon completing your form, download your ready-to-go document that you can file with USCIS the same day. We’ll also provide you with filing instructions so that you know exactly how to proceed. We simply the USCIS instructions by deliverying the portions that apply to you and your filing situation (so that you don't have to sort pages and pages on your own).

Don’t Pay Unless You’re Satisfied

Best of all, you can try CitizenPath for FREE! Complete your USCIS form in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You don’t pay until you are satisfied and ready to download it. You’ll get the confidence of completing your application on your own while saving hundreds of dollars compared to an attorney.

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