How do I explain economic need on I-765WS?


USCIS wants to determine whether you have an economic need in order to warrant the issuance of a work permit, also known as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). People work for many reasons so there are many valid answers. It isn’t necessary to prove that you are going into poverty – you only need to demonstrate that you have a need. Even if you are getting by (income is greater than expenses), you may need to work because:

  • Your parents currently provide for most/all of your expenses, and you would like to begin contributing toward your own costs.
  • You would like to save for college or want to earn additional income so that you can study full-time.
  • You are saving for a used car.
  • You want to save for an emergency fund for healthcare.
  • You expect to graduate someday and want to become self-sufficient.

These are just some examples of valid answers. Use the space provided on Form I-765WS to describe your situation and economic need.

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