How do I find where my immigrant visa was issued or the USCIS office that adjustment of status was granted?


Part 3, Question 2 on Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, asks about the "location where your immigrant visa or adjustment of status was granted."

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If you were granted an immigrant visa before entering the U.S., this is the location of the U.S. Embassy or consulate where you became a lawful permanent resident.

If you filed an Application to Adjust Status (Form I-485) because you were already in the United States, this is the location of the USCIS office that granted you lawful permanent residence. Although you were probably granted permanent residence by mail, you can find the USCIS office that granted your permanent residence on your green card. Look for the card# (application receipt number) on your card. This is a hidden code that may be on the front or back of your green card, depending on the year it was issued. The first three letters are a code for the USCIS office that granted your adjustment of status case. You can find step-by-step guidance and pictures of various green card examples for this question by using CitizenPath's I-90 service.

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